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Passionate Women’s Health & Fitness Coach, specializing as pregnancy and postpartum personal trainer.

Improve your wellbeing with a postpartum personal trainer

Motherhood is a life-changing event that not many talk about, yet it has a tremendous impact on physical and mental health. Prioritizing your mental and physical health matters! Your health and happiness matter!  As a qualified postpartum fitness trainer, my program gives you the tool to gain strength and confidence, so you can be your better version for yourself and your loved ones.


This is my story

Hello, I’m Lynn, a mother of one and a Women’s Health & Fitness Coach specializing in pregnancy & postpartum exercises.

Following the birth of my daughter, I underwent a profound transformation. Struggling with Postpartum depression for over 1.5 years, I also faced issues with my pelvic floor and core functions. Throughout my pregnancy, my focus was on preparing for my ideal birthing experience, diligently gathering information to equip myself for labor and delivery.

I’m Lynn Wira

However, after giving birth, I encountered unexpected challenges, realizing I lacked sufficient knowledge in this area. To bridge this gap, I immersed myself in learning about pre and postnatal fitness, as well as corrective exercises, enrolling in various courses to address the informational voids.

This awareness motivated me to empower fellow women, such as yourself, to comprehend the postpartum transformations in the female body and securely reintegrate into a fitness regimen.

Who do I coach as a postpartum fitness trainer?

My program is created for the mums who want to start exercising safely after having a baby and feeling stronger without having to compromise their core and pelvic floor functions. Exercise program created by certified pregnancy & postpartum fitness trainer:

  • To educate you about female physiology after having a baby.
  • To heal Diastasis Recti and build a functional core.
  • To exercise without leaking.
  • To alleviate discomforts such as stiff neck and shoulder, and lower back pain.

Build a functional and strong core from the comfort of your own home. On your own time. With the guidance of a passionate and qualified pregnancy & postpartum fitness trainer.

Why work with a postpartum trainer?

Chances are, you are here because you sense a disconnection from your body post-pregnancy. You’re eager to resume exercising but uncertain about where to begin. Perhaps you’ve already started, only to encounter unfamiliar sensations that accompany postpartum changes. It’s as if your body has taken on a new dynamic, leaving you feeling somewhat abandoned, and you’re struggling to regain a sense of control over it.

I get it. I found myself in that situation before becoming a postpartum trainer. Following the birth of my baby, I was unaware of the impact my actions were having on my body. I dove into an exercise routine that ended up exacerbating my symptoms.

I experienced a paradox – a sense of strength juxtaposed with a feeling of weakness. Despite my ability to lift heavy weights, I felt a lack of control over my own body, leading to immense frustration. Leaking occurred whenever I engaged in activities like jumping, sneezing, or coughing. However, my journey led me to delve into the study of the female body and its changes post-birth. Through this understanding, I regained the confidence to exercise without experiencing leaks.

I’m thrilled that I persisted in my journey of self-improvement, and with the wealth of knowledge and experience I’ve acquired, I am resolute in my commitment to continuous learning.

As your guide through pregnancy and postpartum, and as a fellow mom, I want to emphasize that pelvic floor and core dysfunctions need not be synonymous with motherhood. Pain and discomfort shouldn’t be integral to the experience of being a mother, and these issues certainly shouldn’t compromise the quality of your life. You deserve to exude confidence and strength, regardless of your activities or life stage.

It’s time for a change. It’s time to take proactive steps and enlist the support of a postpartum trainer. Reclaim control over your body because you deserve to feel confident, strong, healthy, and happy.

Your presence here brings me immense joy 😊. You’ve already taken the first and most significant step by deciding that your health and happiness are priorities—because you matter! Now, together, we can unlock the strength and confidence that already reside within you.

Welcome to the beginning of your fitness journey! Welcome to motherhood! Welcome to the realm of the Healthy & Happy Mama!!

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Start working today with a post pregnancy personal trainer

I am ready to feel strong & confident

Work with a post pregnancy personal trainer and start your fitness journey after baby one step at the time from the comfort of your home. Check our online programs below:


Reconnect with your body and build a strong core and pelvic floor foundation before jumping back into a regular exercise routine.



Build strength & stamina for motherhood with a total body workout that loves your core and pelvic floor. Are you ready to be your best version?


Do you want to know how to get started with a postpartum fitness coach?

Let’s get stronger together! Step by step to a stronger YOU.


Build a strong foundation with CORE FIT – Your core and pelvic floor function is super important and has so much impact on your quality of life. Let’s build a strong foundation and learn how you can best support your body to heal diastasis recti, prolapse,  incontinence, and other discomforts. 


Get stronger with STRONG MAMABuild up your strength and stamina with 30 minutes of total body workout. All exercises have been mindfully picked by a qualified postpartum fitness coach to continue to support your core & pelvic floor healing progress.


Benefits of having a personal trainer

I will be there for you


Let’s be honest, working out alone is hard. At first, we get excited and feel motivated, but life happens and sometimes we keep putting others’ needs first and neglect our own needs. I have been there. And I am here for you and working out with you. We are in this together. You can do it!


Pregnancy, postpartum, and motherhood can be quite overwhelming. There can be a lot of misleading information on the internet. As a woman, a mom, and a personal trainer it is my mission to support you with scientific information alongside my personal and other experiences. 


Everyone’s journey is unique. Getting a personalized program can be so beneficial as we will be working on your body’s specific situation and needs. Instead of working around it and avoiding certain exercises, why don’t work on it so we don’t have to avoid those exercises? 

What other women have experienced with a Postpartum fitness coach


  • When I met Lynn, I was looking for a sports activity where I can train in a small woman group with a skilled trainer. And I found it with Lynn.) I really like our workouts. It is always energetic, funny and positive. Sometimes I exercise at home. But usually I focus on the parts of my body which I like to do.  I like that with Lynn we work with all  this part and my body gets stronger. I went to Lynn several weeks ago and feel progress already. It is so cool. It is what I wanted. I feel that working out with Lynn brings closer me to my goals.
    Personal trainer client
  • When I first met Lynn I was 68 kgs. I was feeling hopeless & insecure about my body and pretty much not comfortable in my own skin. So, when I started to exercise with her, I was motivated by her and she was determined that I could lose weight and be a healthier person. Then I went on my best exercise journey with her and lost 10 kg. Strength training exercises have never been so much easier with Lynn. She’s definitely a recommended personal trainer! professional, cheerful and supportive. I am lucky to have her as my PT.
    Personal trainer client
  • “I will always be immensely grateful to Lynn for her professionalism, for how carefully she returned my body to excellent shape. At the beginning of our journey, I did not believe that the result would be so good. My body was weak and was completely unprepared for some exercises. But under Lynn’s coaching , day after day, I became stronger, more enduring! My body became beautiful and fit and my mood and state of mind became joyful and full of energy. Now playing sports is my daily practice!”
    Personal trainer client
  • God I love Variant! Im pretty particular about aesthetics and usually need to focus at the desk to get everything how I want, now it's just effortless. Can't imagine using anything else other than Variant from now on.
    Maxime – example – testimonal
    Themeforest Customer
  • “I’ve been trying to lose weight for a long time now, tried everything under the sun from diets, to gym, to fitness videos, you name it I have tried it. Last year I decided to work out with Lynn for my weight loss program and it makes me feel I found my fitness home. She is motivating, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about fitness stuff. I have been training with her for 6 months now and have gained significant strength in my arms, legs and abs (weight loss as bonus). I truly believe that working with Lynn will be one of my best investments for my health. Thank you Lynn for being an encouraging, supportive and fun trainer!”
    Personal trainer client
  • Lynn is a trainer who makes sport your lifestyle. She is always inspiring and smiling. always empower me, but never give weights or exercises that can harm my body. She always follows the flow and the nood of the team. I try to miss class and it is always a breath of fresh air in the middle of the busy day! I always enjoy her program! It is so much fun! Highly recommended!
    Personal trainer client
  • Before I met Lynn I was doing exercises on my own but I was very inconsistent and could barely see the results. Now she has been my coach for over 6 months and I can say that she is absolutely awesome. I train with her 3 days a week and her workouts are not only effective but fun, as she always has a smile on her face and is full of bright energy that motivates me during the workouts. I recommend to any woman who wants to improve her physical condition to contact Lynn and I’m sure after oy one training you will love her as I do!
    Personal trainer client

Frequently asked questions to a post partum personal trainer

  • What is the goal of this program?

    The healthy and happy mama is created to help educate and guide you about women’s physiology after having a baby and how to work with it rather than around it. This program is to help you build a strong and functional body, safely and progressively.

  • Are the exercises safe for diastasis and prolapse?

    YES! This program is created to give you the skill to build a strong core and pelvic floor foundation. At the same time, it is recommended to see a pelvic floor physical therapist if you are experiencing diastasis and prolapse. 

  • How soon can I exercise after having a baby?

     In general, you can start exercising again 6 weeks postpartum and after you have received a green light from your healthcare provider. However you can start with gentle breathing, core and pelvic floor strengthening exercises that will be covered in this program. 

  • How many days a week should I workout?

     Once you have a green light, it is recommended to workout 150 minutes per week, which is around  5 days a week, 30 minutes a day. For breathing, core and pelvic floor exercises can be done as many days as possible in a week. You can also include them as part of your warm up or cooling-down session. They only take 5 to 10 minutes.

  • What equipment do I need?

    For the CORE FIT program, you will be needing a yoga mat, resistant band mini loops, resistant band long loops or thera bands, mini pilates ball, or yoga blocks. In the STRONG MAMA program, you may need additional weight depending on the current fitness level. You can also go to the gym, but a good variety of weights at home is recommended. Don’t stress if you don’t have tho, here are great some ideas for substitution:

    • Resistance bands – towel
    • Yoga block / Pilates Ball – Small pillow
    • Dumbbells – Bottles filled up with water, rocks, etc.

  • Can I exercise when breastfeeding?

    YES! The exercises are safe. However keep in mind that your body may still be producing relaxin, which means you are more prone to injury. So be cautious about how you perform the workouts. Also, ensure that you are getting enough nutrition and drinking plenty of water so it does not affect your milk production. 

  • Are the workouts challenging?

    The workouts are created for you who are starting to get back to exercising postpartum. It will be beginner-friendly, however still will get your sweat and endorphins on. As you get stronger, the workouts will be a wee more challenging, just enough to get your body stronger each time. Don’t worry they all will be core and pelvic floor friendly.


Redefine fitness and change the way you connect to your body. Stay strong and confident during and after pregnancy. Become a healthy & happy mama!